The Royal Wedding: the big day

I must admit, – I don’t get out of my bed, let alone the house at 5am for many things: a plane…perhaps; Glastonbury tickets… maybe…depends who’s playing; the house on fire…definitely; the promise of a Royal kiss…just you try and stop me. So here it is, my “5am” Royal Wedding adventure!

About londoninsight

A compassionate photographer working to better her understanding of her town, her village, London.
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3 Responses to The Royal Wedding: the big day

  1. Susanna says:

    Aaaah, thanks for doing the red-eye wedding watch Stephanie! We were out of the country but now it feels a bit like I was there… Happiness!! Susanna

  2. Suzan says:

    Well done for catching that super quick kiss 🙂 , on the spot!
    Great coverage, the day before and the day itself. Royal chapeau for you!

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